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something more than ink

spring tour V: video

here is a video of one of the best evenings on our tour. great location, nice people, a lot of coffee and beer, pasta, club mate, good talks, tattoo session in a kitchen, breakfast in the sun.. thanks again to sarah for all this.

video by katharina/

spring tour IV: photos

march 29th – april 2nd, france.

april 3rd – april 9th: belgium/germany with worms feed


we‘re currently working on our new release. we‘re going to record it in september and we hope that it will be released this year. till then we want to spend a lot of time in the rehearsal room for writing and rehearsing. that’s why we won‘t play any shows until august. we‘re really excited and can‘t wait to be back on stage. a weekend trip with endbringer is already planned from october 29th – november 1st. so if you want to book us from august on we‘d be really thankful.

spring tour III: live photos

thanks again to joe/stateless society for the photos.