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tour 2012

we will be touring in late august / early september. please contact us if you can help in any possible way, thanks a lot!

08/31/2012 essen, emokeller
09/01/2012 paranoya fest @ tharandt (near dresden), weissiger hoehe
09/02/2012 goerlitz, basta
09/03/2012 berlin, tba
09/04/2012 tba, tba
09/05/2012 copenhagen (DEN), kraftwerket
09/06/2012 tba, tba
09/07/2012 tba, tba
09/08/2012 tba, tba
09/09/2012 tba, tba
09/10/2012 tba, tba
09/11/2012 tba, tba
09/12/2012 tba, tba
09/13/2012 day off
09/14/2012 tba, tba
09/15/2012 tba, tba
09/16/2012 aachen, az

heartless video

first song of our new record. video by sebastian drews.

Sundowning – Heartless from Sebi D. on Vimeo.

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