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20th of december

we played at the matrix in bochum with trash talk, ays and black spirals yesterday. the show was great. we met some awesome people and had a great time. sorry to everyone who’s train got cancelled or who had other difficulties because of the snow. we really appreciate that so many people showed up anyway.

here are some photos our new friend gwenn took at our set.


we finally got some shirts for sale. 10€ + postage.

thanks to benni/black ink.

winter tour II

we still need a show on december 26. please get in touch if you can help on.

15th + 16th oct.

we‘re finally back from the weekend trip with oathbreaker. we had a fucking good time and met some amiable people. darmstadt is the coolest place to be. the venue was sick… some day we are going to live there.

10/15/2009 – cologne, ufo
10/16/2009 – darmstadt, oetinger villa

we are still searching for some shows in winter. we want to play a tour. please contact us if you can help on.

winter tour

we‘re trying to set up a tour for winter. we still don‘t know which band is going to join us but we would like to start the booking anyway.

periode: december 27th – january 5th

we will play for fuel, vegan food and a place to sleep. at least a grotty corner on any floor.

please get in touch if you can help on.


first show in germany

the first show in germany was ace.
thanks to everyone who came out and saw us playing.
hope you all had a good time, we defenetily had.

we have uploaded some live pictures. check our myspace page for more.


just a few tapes left… get in touch.