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thank you.

we‘ve had a great time with a lot of nice people within the last two weeks. we want to thank all the promoters, bands, people who gave us a place to sleep and everyone who came to see us. thank you moment of collapse records & epic problem entertainment, stateless society, arktika, red apollo, dead flesh fashion, akela, everyone everywhere, simon & irina, norman & hospi30, lars & lucas, julia & paranoya festival, hannes & chris, damien, laurin and of course kimme for beeing a dear friend and a part of the band.

by the way – the official release date for the new record is september 28th!

record release show

tour update

here is an update of our upcoming tour:

AUG 31st – SEP 16th.

08/31/2012 essen, emosaal
09/01/2012 tharandt (near dresden), paranoya fest
09/02/2012 goerlitz, basta
09/03/2012 berlin, koma f
09/04/2012 hamburg, rote flora
09/05/2012 copenhagen (DEN), kraftwerket
09/06/2012 jönköping (SWE), tba
09/07/2012 luebeck, veb
09/08/2012 tba, tba
09/09/2012 tba, tba
09/10/2012 tba, tba
09/11/2012 tba, tba
09/12/2012 tba, tba
09/13/2012 day off
09/14/2012 tba, tba
09/15/2012 lille (FR), ccl
09/16/2012 aachen, az

please contact us via


we uploaded a new song of our new ep „of aging stones and rotting leaves“. you can listen to both songs of the ep now on facebook, myspace and bandcamp.

the tape version is available immediately. you can go to our bigcartel store and pick a copy or just head over to gafas del rigor cassettes and grab yours along with some other pretty cool tapes. a big thank you to konsti at this place. if you don’t have the opportunity to listen to cassettes, you can buy the digital version via bandcamp!

and for all the vinyl addicts: we finally managed everything and just sent out the ep to the pressing plant. the records should arrive sometime in april but if you want to, you can preorder your copy already. they will ship as soon as we got them in the mail. 100 copies on brown vinyl and 200 copies on black vinyl.

thanks to iron plague records, new order collevtive, stateless society, kreisel kreisel records and dead words records from mexico for carrying this out!

just drop us a line for whole sales via sundowninghc [at] gmx [dot] de

if you haven’t seen it yet, we made some new shirts a month ago. both, the new and the old one, are available in the bigcartel store. if you don‘t have paypal or just don‘t like bigcartel you can also send your order to sundowninghc [at] gmx [dot] de.

besides that we‘re playing a couple of shows in the next months and doing a small tour with mountains & sea in april. check the dates below:

03/07/2011 muelheim, az
03/26/2011 paderborn, villa
03/18/2011 koeln, az
03/19/2011 darmstadt, oetinger villa
04/01/2011 ahlen, schuhfabrik

04/21/2011 tba (sundowninghc [at] gmx [dot] de)
04/22/2011 kassel, h**s
04/23/2011 berlin, tba
04/24/2011 hamburg, linker laden
04/25/2011 muelheim, az (release show)

07/30/2011 – koeln, mtc

we‘re still looking for shows especially for summer. if you want to book us please also use the e-mail address to contact us.

mini tour in april

we‘re going to hit the street with mountains & sea for a few days in april. first dates will be announced soon. 04/21/2011 – 04/25/2011.

04/21/2011 tba
04/22/2011 kassel, h**s
04/23/2011 berlin, tba
04/24/2011 hamburg, linker laden
04/25/2011 muelheim, az

az, muelheim.

new song online

we uploaded a new track of our new record „of aging stones and rotting leaves“. click here to listen to it.

shows in december

„selftitled ep“ free download

you can now download our selftitled ep for free.
besides the digital download the cd is still available in the bigcartel store.

arktika release show on friday