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goldust + sundowning

wir bräuchten noch zwei shows – eine für samstag, den 11.12.2010 und eine für sonntag, den 12.12.2010. bei interesse meldet euch bitte per email:


we recorded two new songs for our upcoming release last month. the songs and more information about the release will be uploaded within the next weeks.

upcoming shows

09/10/2010 essen, cafe nova
10/16/2010 recklinghausen, südpol – cancelled
10/29/2010 wolfsburg, juz ost
10/30/2010 dresden, p7 – cancelled
10/31/2010 leisnig, ajz – cancelled
11/05/2010 cologne, aetherblissement
12/01/2010 essen, emokeller
12/09/2010 mülheim, az

trust fanzine #143

together with our friends in remember and fargo we were interviewed for an article in the current issue of the german hardcore/punk magazine „trust“. the article is about young and aspiring bands from germany, the experiences that these bands gained so far, their views on the local hardcore scene and especially about their views on religion. for more information you should check the link below.

back on stage

we‘re going to play at the endbringer release show on the 20th of august. it’s going to be our first show after four month of abstinence so be sure to be there. if you want to come just write an e-mail to and you‘ll get more information. besides endbringer our friends in black spirals and world peace are going to play. see you there!


march 2010. gwenn’s apartment, paris.

© Gwenaëlle Clement

demo cd available in greece

„world’s appreciated kitsch“ from greece reviewed our sepftitled ep and put the cd in their distro. check their blog if you‘re interested in reading the review or ordering the cd. cheers to apostolis!

for orders & full catalogue write to:

something more than ink

spring tour V: video

here is a video of one of the best evenings on our tour. great location, nice people, a lot of coffee and beer, pasta, club mate, good talks, tattoo session in a kitchen, breakfast in the sun.. thanks again to sarah for all this.

video by katharina/

spring tour IV: photos

march 29th – april 2nd, france.

april 3rd – april 9th: belgium/germany with worms feed