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13th of january

we played at the emokeller in essen with throats and crocus last night. here are some photos from our set. thanks to dave/get-snapped, hendrik/stageload and johanna.

new merch

we got some more shirts and some tote bags.

winter tour IV: video

here is a video that gwenn made on our show in hannover on december 28th. thank you, gwenn.

spring tour

we will be on tour with worms feed from belgium.

2nd – 10th of april

for booking contact

winter tour III: photos

thanks to everyone who was involved. especially joe, gwenn, remember, reason to care, gone to waste, ays and never again.

we had a great time and we will be back on the road soon.

if you have more photo or video stuff please get in touch.

thanks to joe/stateless society and gwenn/don‘t lose touch. we love you.